There’s a correlation here….

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    There’s a correlation here….

    I’m just not sure what.

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    Honda Lou West, from 1984’s G.I. Joe: The Revenge of Cobra.

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    Missy, from Ertl’s Wrangler toy line, released in 1983.

    Melted o-ring aside (yes, melted - these o-rings are plastic), there’s quite the resemblance, no? Also, Honda Lou drives Optimus Prime.

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    Here she is, "all geared up."

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    It's either a bit amusing or a bit scary that a character in a cartoon bears such a strong resemblance to a figure released by a competitor a year before. Also, this is the "Wrangler" brand - was Missy a recurring character in commercials from that time?

    Ertl also released a 12" dress-up doll and various outfits for Missy. She was no Barbie-killer, but clearly Ertl thought they had a shot.

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Name:	Missy-Wrangler-a.jpg 
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    Who knows Phil Maybe Hasbro and SUnbow based Honda Lou on Missy also don't you think had the Truck in Revenge of Cobra really been Optimus that he would have transformed when Cobra tried to hijack him

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    The Optimus thing is more of a joke than anything else. Sunbow reused his vehicle mode model and colors for Honda Lou's ride.

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    Gotta love Hasbro and their jokes!
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    great now I have to have one of these "Missy" figures for a custom to go along with my joes LOL !

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