Gi-Joe a Real American Hero For Trade!!!

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    Cool Gi-Joe a Real American Hero For Trade!!!

    I have a large assortment of loose GI Joe figures I am looking to trade for various things. I also have a large amount of accessories and weapons if you're interested. Please reply here or e-mail me at [email protected] Also I know I am new and I dont expect to trade without any feedback, so head to this link to view my feedback.

    Here is my Want list:
    McFarlane Onimusha 2 Oda Nobunaga
    McF Metal Gear Solid 2: Solid Snake, Olga
    McF Metal gear Solid: Sniper Wolf, Solid Snake, & Vulcan Raven
    McF 3D ANIMATION FROM JAPAN SERIES 2: Kaneda w/ bike
    Scarface Mezco Figures
    Hulk Classics Mecha Hulk
    Ultimate Muscle 6 Inch figures
    Monev the Gale
    Marvel Legends Juggernaut and Deadpoole
    Movie Maniacs Robocop, Colonel Marine Hix, and T-800 Endoskeleton
    SOTA Street Fighter Ryu, and Bison
    Terminator 3 McFarlane T-850 with Coffin
    DC Direct Dark Knight Returns Batman
    Conan Obrien 10th Anniversary show DVD
    Halo Master Chief Figure (Any color)
    Transformers Energon: Shockblast, Grimlock
    Transformers Reissues: Soundwave
    Batman War on Crime Graphic Novel (Hardbound if possible)
    Kingdom Come Graphic Novel (Hardbound if possible)

    Here is what I have to trade GI Joe wise:

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