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    Gijoe arah 214

    ******possible spoilers in thread******

    Snake Eyes is dead.
    We all need to face that fact. No more denial, no more, oh they will bring him back.
    He is dead and Throwdown is taking his place, and his uniform, for now. That is until Throwdown gets his new uniform.
    So in part three of this four part arc we see the open boot ceremony at the Pit.
    It is a silent issue but we see a lot.
    It has been postulated that the coyote that stumbles into the ceremony and sniffs at Snake Eyes boots is based on a spirituality and a legend.
    I see it in a different light since I was unaware of the significance of death and the coyote.

    I see now the stories of the Coyote and his insisting that death be permanent.
    I also see the Shoshoni believed that the coyote was an indication of an ending. The sighting of the coyote was said to bring natural shifts in balance, causing an end, which of course, simply makes way for new beginnings. Essentially the coyote is a way-maker of new direction as it went about its symbolic role of representing the cycle of life/death in nature.

    I see some false hope of a return because in myth the coyote is also known as a trickster. However the trick he pulled was to fool the others into making death permanent.
    I also found a story which the coyote and the eagle interact, the eagle is trying to bring back the dead but the coyote is impatient and lets them out too early, and they are sent back to the land of the dead...permanently.

    I believe that Larry is saying that the presence of the coyote, not only means that "Classified" is gone, but that the cycle of life has generated a new character with similar traits in Throwdown.

    We know how Larry loves to weave in some educational things into his stories.

    Now let me tell you my first thoughts as someone who did not know about the coyote legend.
    I see this as the Joes are having a very private moment. Something intensely emotional and for many, personal, intimate. Along comes this intruder to the events. A coyote whose ear is tattered, curious as to what is going on and intent on staying for the ceremony. The coyote witnesses all the Joes and stands right where it would be considered rude to stand if it were human. It disrupts the event. Spirit, seeing enough, approaches the troublesome animal with his mystic ways. He calms the animal, and lifts it up and over to the gate, telling it to go on its way, there is nothing more to see. The coyote needs to leave and get back to being a coyote.
    I saw the coyote as myself. Someone who crashes in and who really is an outsider in many ways, who thinks that he knows what is going on, that they think they have a connection to the events, the deceased. When in reality none of that is true. We are just an observer who is being tolerated. Just like the coyote. Then the time comes and we reach the final panel. Spirit leads us out, we were allowed in because in a way we do have a stake in the death. It does affect us in many ways but now it is time for us to go, to get back to being ourselves, and the gate shuts behind us.

    Now in other ways this was pretty spectacular.
    75 Joes lined up in formation.
    Stalker getting weak in the knees.
    A GIJOE vehicle funeral procession.
    Salutes from every Joe in attendance.
    A silent issue. Very appropriate. Other than Taps being played and the 21 gun salute military funerals are silent.
    This just goes to show how huge a character Snake Eyes was. How he affected the entire team in some way, not just Scarlett, Stalker and Storm Shadow.
    It is also a fitting way to say goodbye.

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    In the Creation Myth generally known to Navajos, Coyote's roles are few: he causes the flood, originates death and interferes with the placing of stars, as well as generally poking his nose into everyone's business. Even here, however, he is accorded a knowledge above that of the other beings. When there is uncertainty over the desirability of death, for example, the myth states "No one knew what to do; so they asked Coyote
    The picture derived of Coyote from the Creation Myth therefore is of a rude, interfering and restless individual, who is nonetheless vital to the process of ordered creation, a being who is one of the original beings produced from the medicine bundle

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    Some very interesting subtext that I am sure to a certain degree Larry wrote in based on his knowledge and his style. Since he generally writes without knowing what is coming all of the above you makes sense. But some how I don't think it was so on purpose.

    But it is correct what said.

    I really feel the more a person reads the this the more emotional it gets. A quick once through is not enough. Cause it just appears as a procession of Joes and vehicles (which technically I guess it is) but it has so much more meaning since Snake Eyes probably saved the lives of a quarter of the Joes and certainly directly fought along side half of them.

    Definitely a hugely collectible issue.

    And the most important issue of the IDW ARAH run. And likely the highest selling in a long time. Let's hope the spike in sales holds.
    GI Joe comic fan since 1982.

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    GIJOE 214 has a mystery to be solved.

    On the parade ground in the formation are several unidentifiable Joes.
    3 behind the flagpole.
    1 between Pathfinder and Rampart
    There are also 4 pilots not identified in the procession.
    They are flying the SHARC, Vector, Storm Eagle, and Sky Raven.
    I would assume that Sky Dive is in the Sky Raven but we cannot know for sure.
    Deep Six was on the WHALE with Cutter and Shipwreck so he cannot be in the SHARC.

    What I want to do is try to get something viral going on twitter, use a specific hashtag and tweet Gallant.
    I suggest anyone else who has a twitter account send @SLGallant a tweet. One lone voice is not enough to get him to answer, but if we work together and use the hashtag #flagpole214joes it might get his attention. Just tweet and ask who are the Joes behind the flagpole or ask for a list of all the Parade Ground Joes.


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    Maybe one of the unknown Joes behind the flagpole was Psyche-Out. Although it's hard to tell.
    "Well whaddaya know? Cobra Commander's personal chemistry set!"

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