All auctions end on Thursday night (June 25th). There are 75+ figures, most complete, many with filecards, as well complete vehicles and other items. Included in this batch are those mentioned above plus Cobra Commander v1.5, Baroness v1, 2 Crimson Guards v1, Viper, Duke v1, Gung-Ho v1, Doc, Recondo, Grunt v1.5, Breaker v1, Major Bludd, Copperhead, Scrapiron, Dr. Mindbender, Zarana, Road Pig, Croc Master, Python Viper, Python Tele-Viper, Frag-Viper, Tunnel Rat, Jinx, Fridge, Gung-Ho v2, Mainframe, Beach Head, Bazooka, Roadblock v1, Mutt & Junkyard, Ripcord, Torpedo, Tripwire, Airborne, Tan Clutch, Strato-Viper, Raptor, Cobra Commander v3, Toxo-Viper, Astro-Viper, Storm Shadow v2, Rock n' Roll v2, Dee-Jay, Dodger, Blaster, Mercer, Red Dog, Taurus, 93 Roadblock, 93 Wet-Suit, HAL, ASP, Skyhawk and many more. For more information please click on the following link:

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I will also have additional loose figures, loose htf accessories and vehicle parts recently listed in my store:

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Thank you!