Superhero Superman Funskool

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    Superhero Superman Funskool

    Is there an interest in this figure?

    He is mint with full card....

    I'm not sure if I should part with it or not, but the fact that i'm asking about interest means i'm leaning towards letting him fly to a new home...

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    I'd like one but it's probably out of my price range.

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    Can you post pics of the figure?

    What are you asking for it?

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    Yup, I'll get his pics up soon...

    If anyone is serious about acquiring him after the pics have been posted, seriously PM an offer...
    the PM is free to send, so hey... what has anyone got to lose...

    I'm open to any and all offers...

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    Here are the pics...

    And his friend that i'm thinking about moving too possibly....

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    Superhero Funskool figure

    I have a loose version of this figure in played with condition just wondering what it would be worth. Found it many years ago at a local flea market. I have pictures of it however looks like since I had to create a new account I cannot yet post pictures in my posts : (
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