Hi guys,

I have been looking for a value both online and have called a few stores all of which have no idea of what I am looking for. I hope you guys can help. My friend's uncle gave me a whole bunch... about 180 cubic feet worth. Some are high end and others are low end in value. I also have a fair amount of variants that I cannot seem to nail down.

One I have is a 2001 GI Joe Vietnam M60 Gunner UPC 076930816493

When I plug this information in I get back values of $50 to $65 with the following variant always pictured.

The one I have has red hair and not brown. Also it includes a book "GI Joe at Pearl Harbor"

Is there a value difference? Is this one rarer? New to Joes. Had some 70's action figures when I was a kid.

Thanks for any help you can offer!