1983 AIRBORNE shirt or vest


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    1983 AIRBORNE shirt or vest

    I am trying to match 1983 AIRBORNE shirt or vest Dose anyone know is it blue or green?
    I think it is mint green.

    Question 2
    Can anyone help me with the color on 1984 COPPERHEAD (v1) torso?
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    My guess would be blue...

    Or this will become like the viral White/Gold or Blue/Black dress :-)
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    Im in the light turqouise camp myself
    I'm into Heavy Metal, mayhem and explosions.....

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    The closest color maybe Sky blue but it need to be lighter then that.

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    I think that vest was meant to be the same basic color as the uniform Gung Ho wears, but since one used colored plastic and the other uses paint, the colors don't match as well as intended. As far as the color, I am not sure where you could buy something that would be an exact match without mixing the paint yourself. Its basically a mixture of light blue and turquoise, and from experience I can say its something of a paint to get a perfect match for it when mixing the color.
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