G.I. Joe bust palisades


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    G.I. Joe bust palisades

    Hi, I'm a french collector and have buy in 2002 some bust from palisades and on the box from Storm shadow and snake eyes it wasn't a number. I don't open boxes also I would like knows if it's a number or busts are without him?

    someone can help me and say me the value from these busts

    thanks and sorry for my bad english

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    Palisades busts

    The Palisades busts vary in price, from $75-200 generally. They had a few with Storm Shadow - a white, turquoise, and red version I believe. The Turquoise was limited to 100 and an online exclusive that sold out the fastest and is generally the most desirable in all of the Palisades line.

    They also came out with full size statues but those are a little more generally.

    They all were part of numbered editions on the bottom. If you have one that has "AP" or no number, that was a test run of the paint colors, and although they may have more value, its hit or miss. They are called Artist Proofs.
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