Nordic Action Force/GI Joe Filecards for sale

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    Nordic Action Force/GI Joe Filecards for sale

    Hi Joes!

    I've a bunch of Nordic Action Force Filecards for sale (all cut out and "unfortunately" perforated for storage reasons), which I purchased from a German collector some weeks ago. There are 2 filecards of each character with info in 4 different languages (German, Norwegian, Finninsh and Swedish as far as I know)

    The characters are as follows;

    -Outback (Tiger Force European exclusive)
    -Spearhead & Max
    -Roadblock Tiger Force
    -Iron Grenadier
    -Storm Shadow v2
    -Frostbite Tiger Force

    The main point of these filecards is their exclusive artwork which is totally different from their regular versions, at that time it was banned in those countries to illustrate characters grabbing weapons if they were aimed to young kids, so there were created brand new illustrations with bare hands. When you join both filecards almost the whole artwork appears (some of them are depicted carrying their weapons on their backs)

    Do not hesitate to make any questions and feel free to ask for pictures at [email protected]

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