Complan Chocolate Health Drink Funskool joes

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    Complan Chocolate Health Drink Funskool joes

    Does someone have pictures of them? I saw pictures of the Red Baroness (Rednok) and Yellow Lady Jaye (Canary Ann). Does anyone have pictures of the Striker joe (Emerald Gung Ho / Zap), Cross Country (Red / Purple Scrap Iron / Zap) or ?? (Blue / Yellow firefly / shortfuze). And what is the name of the line that they were released for. Commander something is what comes to mind.

    It is greatly appreciated.

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    I believe its commando force. I just got the cross country. Should arrive tomorrow or wed.

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    That is amazing! Thanks yet again!

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    Hawk that pic makes me very jealous. Lol. I jave been look ok ng fir that shortfuze and stalker for a long time. I think I saw it on another post of yours but that gung-ho and storm sh adow were early pack ins correct?. Is that the only gung-ho that you know of. I have never seen it before.

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    I have never seen it either. I just hope there are more of them.
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    Yes, that is the only Gung Ho that I know of. It was found in an early vehicle with specific paperwork from the owner of Funskool (the paperwork I've seen a few times from early vehicles).

    As for the Short Fuse/Red Stalker hunt, good luck. They were both #1 on my want list for about 10 years before I was able to get them. I did however see another set of them sell a few years ago (2009 or so) and they went relatively cheap MOC.

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    Your statement just made them go to the top of my list. I hope to own them someday soon as well. I think the complan ones are top and those are right below.
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    I just saw these over at Hisstank.

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    Who posted these on hisstank


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