GIJOE a Real American Hero 225

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    GIJOE a Real American Hero 225

    *****possible spoilers in thread!*******

    Someone needs a science lesson.
    I don't care what kind of steel Destro used on his wrist launchers, his arms would have not been able to support that structure.
    It is a cool comic book suspension of reality moment however.

    The mission to rescue Claire was cool.
    Hama is obviously digging this new way to tell stories in GIJOE through flashback and teases of the past that are tied to...current events and what we know as the past. Unseen history. Not to mention that relationship. Two people with extremely different ideologies, but in reality, are working towards the same goal.

    I liked how we see the Cobra Strikes Bowling Alley. (One Custom Bowling shirt coming up)
    I really liked seeing the Laser Zap of the the bowling alley, great homage to issue 10. (Fry 'em Rollo!) The bowling pins were a bit silly but still typical of the Commander.
    Not sure who Gallant is telling to FU though!
    Adam Rich's Grunt cover was shorted to my LCS. I am a bit miffed but it is on order.
    Homage to Speed? nice.
    The return of the Twins and they are not happy about CC using up all the Freds? Even better.
    Not so cool?
    Everyone survived. It would have been nice to see some old characters go away ( Zartan Cesspool Big Boa) and new ones come forth.
    If this was 1986 and not 2016, that would have been expected. Out with the old wave in with the new 1987 wave! or in this case...2017 wave.
    The rescue team!
    Wild Bill Snake Eyes and ?? not Storm Shadow manning the MG in the back of the truck, but who? It had to be someone pre-1984, when Duke and Roadblock officially joined the Joes. Thumper was a cool character and reminded me of Dickie? or was it Ramon? in Nam with the blooper. Some nice non-Joes or early Joes we never knew about sprinkled in. Why do I think it is not Storm Shadow? well, for one thing at this point in time, Snake Eyes had been disfigured, Wild Bill was on the team, and Storm Shadow was over in Springfield or wherever, working for Cobra Commander as an assassin and bodyguard.
    Some nice teases in the letter pages too.

    I like how Hama has shown that reliance on technology for information can be problematic and even used to provide misinformation.
    Baroness is smart. More moly steel goodness, but why didn't she think of that sooner?
    Hulk hold up wait... This is Goonies!
    Hurry up kids Sloth will hold up the boulder and you run through his legs. Hurry now!

    Hama is taking a liking to Crystal Ball? must be all his recent science fiction forays.

    How would he use D.E.F, he asks in the letter pages.
    D.E.F. may not be in the media anymore but they are still fighting the drug wars. They could be a task force in Colorado, used to help legitimize and even protect the MJ industry. That would be a switch eh?

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    I'm thinking that the flash-back happened before Snake-Eyes was disfigured and I think that was Storm Shadow. Wild Bill flew the Joes (and other Spec. Ops. teams) before joining G.I. Joe (we know this from G.I. Joe: Declassified). Duke mentioned that Snake-Eyes and his team were a special security force brought in by Uncle Sam. Perhaps they used the Arashikage (and other ninjas) from time-to-time in off-the-book missions for plausible deniability? It would be interesting to see what Hama would say about this. Until confirmed, I'm suspecting this event occurred before there was a G.I. Joe Team...

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    Good theory as well.
    If we follow Marvel history (which who knows if Hama will do that) In issue 37 when Flint crashes the practice range in an Armadillo, It is said that he already knows Duke and Roadblock from their old outfit.
    I think Hama is expanding on that nugget after all these years. As we know, Duke and Roadblock's first appearance was in issue 22. A couple of years in our time after the original team.
    Wild Bill was around for quite a while before they appeared, Wild Bill's first appearance was issue 11.
    I don't usually include too much of anything from DDP for theories involving the current storyline because it has all been disavowed. Although I believe that Hama said somewhere that Declassified was the only surviving DDP canon, so who really knows.
    As they not to think about it too much.


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