convention mail away vamp MK II

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    convention mail away vamp MK II

    this is one of my favorite vehicles , so it peeked my interest when I saw it up for auction a few days ago. I bid, but I knew I couldn't win it- but sometimes you never know right ?? anyway I have this exact vamp in my collection that I won on ebay way back in 09' or 10' , I paid a huge sum for it(to me back then) $80 + shipping . I remember being very disappointed it didn't eve come with a sticker sheet !! So my question is : is it really worth this much ? I figure it would go above $200 , but NOT $500 !! Just curious what you guyz think & who has a opinion on it ? THANKS

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    I'm sure its value (for the buyer) is in the fact its the convention version and sealed. There are two loose & complete tan Vamps with stickers going for $300 bin, they've been on Ebay for a while... so I'd guess actual market value is a lot less.
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    yeah I've been watching those to. I bought one from Brazil complete for $125 at the beginning of December, the stickers are in poor shape and its a little faded I think ? As I said this is one of my favorite vehicles, so the fact that's its from Brazil doesn't bother me at all- or that its not in the best of shape


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