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    Street Fighter GIJOE

    *****possible spoilers in thread*****

    I walked into the LCS today expecting my comics to be waiting for me. I forgot about Transformers vs GIJOE, but I was anticipating Street Fighter GIJOE number one.
    What I was not expecting was so many covers or the 4.99 price. I picked up two covers. The Adam Riches cover and the Retail cover.
    I left 4 other covers behind despite them saving all of them for me. The pixel cover, the sketch cover and the Villanetti cover all stayed at the store today. Who knows maybe some people who remember Street Fighter or currently play Street Fighter fondly will pick them up.

    Sitterson wastes no time with set up. After two panels we know there is a tournament going on and a weapon is the stakes up for grabs.
    The issue is a series of fight sequences and subplots that should lead a reader to continue on with the next issue.

    Snake Eyes wins but the kicker here is that Crimson Viper and Baroness are in cahoots. The Baroness is there to get this weapon for Cobra. Destro and M. Bison lord over the contestants and oversee the matches.
    This is the finals people, everyone here has kicked clawed and scratched their way to this semi final round. Many fights have already transpired.
    There is no second chance either. One round. Fight!

    I am not familiar with Street Fighter other than some of the older characters and their places in the original game.

    I had no idea what the newer Street Fighter characters are all about so if the writer got them wrong I cannot tell. I think that blindness will let me enjoy the story more. As long as the GIJOE part seems to fit, and so far it does.

    Written in the style of Wrestlemania with plot arcs and storylines woven through the fights, the first issue does not get boring. It has just the right mix of fight scene and story.

    Good will battle good and evil battle evil. It is all about moving up in the tournament.
    The Baroness falls prey to what could be the Street Fighter version of Clutch. Personality wise anyway. Mojo. No Austin Powers inspiration here... She is not out of the story, just the tournament as she saunters up to Destro who keeps her close so he can keep tabs on her and any Cobra plots. As he says. No conflict of interest now.

    This miniseries looks like it will provide some good action scenes and a compelling story to match.
    A decent crossover to be sure.
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    this series is a dream come true for me, hope it does well and they do many more
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