Help identify an item can't find info anywhere

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    Help identify an item can't find info anywhere

    Fellow collectors, I am in desperate need for someone who has more expertise than I have in the novelty you side of go Joe merc. In 1990-1992 they released a toy, I believe it could have been a mail away, based off the "kid power" toy string racer. It was two green handles with removable black missiles and a string which attached to the handles. There was then a plastic pulley with a cage like frame you put joes on and then would take turns with your friends sailing the figure back and forth at each other. I remember seeing in once as a kid and now I'm trying to find it again and can't find any info on it what so ever. Any help would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    definitely sounds like the razorblade helicopter. I have one that I picked up for my son at an Easter party a few years back.


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