Advice from sculptors needed

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    Advice from sculptors needed

    I would like to hire a sculptor to create my own Joes in the original ARAH O-Ring style.

    I've had the pleasure of meeting one sculptor but since I'm getting back into the hobby after about 15 years everything is new to me again and I would like some advice.

    My aim would be to either have a completely unique Joe (all unique parts, or at least some of the most important parts, such as the head and torso) sculpted.

    It was suggested that I should have the figure sculpted as a 3-Up if I wanted it to be used for casting. Is this correct (I've only read of a 2-Up, which I have never seen before)?

    My ultimate aim would be to have a Hasbro quality figure cast in production quality plastic. Not for resale. Just for my own collection.

    Please share any advice if you know about sculpting (or could point me in the direction of those that do).


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    I'm curious about this too. I'm in the midst of preparing to sculpt too. I have a very hard clay, , and Hasbro wax, and I plan on casting mine.
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    This is a good place to start...

    At the very least, it illustrates how arduous the process can be. Most if not all the same/similar info is available online though, just not as comprehensive. And of course, check out Youtube - it's lousy with sculpting videos.
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