*****Possible spoilers in thread*****

You have to get a chuckle out of Cobra Commander trying to play the politician in this issue. He is not out kissing babies, he is handing out free lobster.
Free people! Lobster is not cheap. It could be as much as $25.00 a roll on the coast.
I guess when you run a billion dollar organization like Cobra a few Lobster rolls are easily expendable.
Cobra fishing boats...Gump. Wait no Gump is shrimp, never mind.

He should have gone for gourmet ice cream instead it seems.
Dawn Moreno
A new character!
I predict that Dawn is Cobra Commander's new bodyguard.
Now before you go saying omigosh you can't do that she is just a child, remember back to the first kid in GIJOE, Billy. Aha? yeah. See?
I think a lot of times people place too much emphasis on saving the children, protecting and extending their childhood, but in today's world, that is a very difficult proposition. Aw heck just remember back to when you were fifteen. Those memories probably bring to light that you were not so innocent. Right.
Now place yourself in a cult town surrounded by anti-government types who believe what they are doing is right.

Roadblock is a good friend and it shows. Sure we always thought that the Joes were buds, but there is a deeper relationship here, those two have been through a lot, a vast past to explore and build stories from.

Snake Eyes gets a new outfit.
I for one am onboard. I might have put a bug in Hama's ear a year ago ( almost) when I asked him what Throwdown's uniform was going to look like. Perhaps he took that to heart consciously or unconsciously and we now have a modern take on Snake Eyes fit for 2016.
No different than any of the first five versions of Snake Eyes now is it? Update update update. I would call this version six, or is it version one.
Look I get the ire directed towards Throwdown, and the jokingly calling him Fake Eyes. I get it. Now get over it.

Sean is Snake Eyes and this issue shows his skillset. One which is going to expand even further. I did find it odd that Jinx, who is an Arashikage is told by Scarlett who is not Arashikage, that the lessons are going to take a long time. I mean really Scarlett? I would think Jinx knows a lot more about Arashikage secrets than you.

Slice and Dice were as brash as the Dreadnoks in their investigation. Funny. You would think the noks would not leave behind their empties and trash so easily.

Larry said the Arashikage from Trieste would return and voila here he is.

Zarana has her name on the side of her van? Sorry not buying that one.
I did like how the twins and their new allies all invaded Springfield 2.
Ha now we have a Springfield 2, maybe there are 38 Springfields total after all.
The Zartan impersonation of Cobra Commander was classic. Classic. Sure he did it in the cartoon but the comic? Someone refresh my memory because I don't think he dared do that yet.

We get a new Destro too. one with robotic arms and missile launchers. The sci fi elements are certainly creeping back in a major way into the comic.

Cesspool poisoning the water supply? he better have more than just a backpack full of sleepy juice.

Crystal Ball is Hama's new favorite villain to explore. About time too. He can be like the IDW version of Ball or he could wind up somewhere between. It seems the past few years, the paranormal have intrigued Hama.

Joe Colton Jr. a Major, with some years on him. Nice treat from the letters page.

Looking forward to seeing Dawn strut her stuff next issue.

I love Don Knotts and the Springfield cop was a nice homage, reminded me of the episode where Barney enforces the 30 mile an hour speed limit.

Look Andy, if you give 'em 35, they'll do 40. If you give 'em 40, they'll do 45. And if you give 'em 45......