Plastirama Zap green figure

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    Plastirama Zap green figure

    Hi, I am new in this forums, I am from Uruguay (South America) so sorry for my bad english, I have a question, a friend of mine has bought a complete mint Plastirama green Zap (the same than the american version), this figure doesn't appears in the yo joe list from Argentina (this is green and not grey like the archive yo joe photo), I am interesting on buying this figure so I want to know if someone knows which is the price of this figure. Thanks very much for your help!.

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    Plastirama made two versions of Zap (not to mention vatiants): The green one released in the first wave and the grey one (the one you saw on the yojoe argentina files) with the glider.

    Here you'll find an amazing international zap collection:

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    Thanks very much for your reply, do you know the price of the figure if it's complete and mint?. Thanks


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