A couple of questions about the Dreadnok assault sets from Sears


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    A couple of questions about the Dreadnok assault sets from Sears

    So, Ive never seen these in person, but I love the idea of the Noks having a bigger motor pool. But before I pull the trigger on picking any of them up I have a few questions. Firstly are the prices I see on EBay a good example of what to expect to pay? I get that the prices vary but a general guideline on a decent, semi-complete single vehicle would be a help.

    I'd also like an idea of the colors for these. I see the stinger, and I'm guessing that the chassis is similar to the chameleon frame. And the body looks to be a dark blue, maybe purple? The air assault vehicles look to me to be a lighter blue.
    If someone could give me an example of the actual colors, maybe using common vehicles for comparison, I would be very grateful.
    Thanks all,

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    mike, go to the yo joe archives for pics.
    if you want them complete buy complete vehicles unless you have patience the parts rarely show up. you'll spend more time hunting than just paying for it all together. up to you and what you enjoy though. good luck


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