GIJOE a Real American Hero 227

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    GIJOE a Real American Hero 227

    *****possible spoilers in thread*****

    We pick up right where we left off.
    Cobra Commander is staring down the business end of Destro's wrist rockets.
    Dawn appears and steals Zarana's knife right off her hip.

    I have one slight problem with the Baroness's spectacular shot killing the fly.
    The bullet would have not stopped at the fly or ricocheted. I don't know exactly where the Baroness was standing but she would have had to be at just the right angle to only kill the fly and not rip into Dawn or worse, Destro's shiny noggin.

    The homage to the diner was cool. I did not see it at first.
    Edward Hopper Nighthawks.
    A nice bit of added culture.
    Road Pig quoting Othello and Zartan not getting the reference was priceless.

    Nice little scene with Bombstrike showing her abilities.

    The Baroness stealing Dawn away was so reminiscent of her training Billy.

    So the Arashikage have Street Fighter-esque powers. Cool.

    Wendy hitting on Fred, joy.

    Claire being a programmed killer? For what purpose? A Duke assassination?
    Frank Drebin?

    Decent issue to be sure.

    The hint in the letter page about a Tales from the Dead miniseries hopefully generates some good buzz.
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