*****possible spoilers in thread*****

The Tournament continues

Snake Eyes is defeated by Rufus which forces Jinx to match up against the least likely person to climb to the top in the next issue.
Jinx defeats her opponent Hakan without using her new Street Fighter powers.
Guile defeats Zartan, even when Croc Master tosses Emmylou into the match and breaks Guile's arm.
Guile is also hearing voices that project ideas similar o what Destro tells the Baroness.
I am curious who is talking to Guile.
Storm Shadow bows before M. Bison but it is a trick so Bison will let his guard down.
Storm Shadow damages the psycho drive.

There is a not a lot of meat to these issues but the art is wonderful. Great panel after panel of fighting moves.
This book is mostly eye candy with a bit of pro wrestling story mixed in, and it excels.