*****possible spoilers in thread*****

Whether on purpose or not this issue had a certain slant to it.

Bombstrike returns to Benzheen and finds that the plant that made giant robots is destroyed but not destroyed. The remnants of the battle are on the surface but down below she finds Dr Biggles Jones, and Cassandra Knox. Two Cobra agents we have not seen for some time and both of them were the real people behind the giant robot, not Red Laser.

I wish we could hear comics.
Cover girl checks herself out of Bethesda and now has a new voice, seeing her head out with Lady Jaye since she was in the right uniform anyway, well almost, She was in green class A's not the new black ones, but the Joes might have their own... getting off the point. We see a newly unclassified bit of info regarding the mission where Shooter was lost. Time adjusted for today, the helicopter was not a Chinook transport but a Blackhawk.
I am not sure how I feel about shifting the Marvel timeline to today and retconning the vehicles and story. It is even more puzzling since DDP is disavowed except of course for what Larry wants to draw from it. Shooter, Pale Peony, etc.

Speaking of Pale Peony, Jinx is now hanging out with Scarlett. They meet a Red Ninja named Akane in a shop. A shop that is really a front for an Arashikage weapons center. A shop Scarlett has been to before.

Then you have Baroness and Zarana teaching Dawn new tricks. Dawn can certainly hold her own, but has a lot to learn. This is made pretty clear by Hama and I for one like where the story is going.

Then we have the letters page.
A letters page where Larry says he does listen to reader's ideas and says it is time for Short Fuze to visit family. Could we be heading for another story like issue 20? That one worked out so well for Clutch.

Only so many types of tales to tell, but at least Larry is not trying to cram everything into six tidy issues perfect for a trade.

Six issues for four acts...hmmm what is wrong with that formula?