*****possible spoilers in thread****

I am really loving this series.
I was thinking at first that it would be terrible but I have been pleasantly surprised.

I am eager to find out who is talking to Guile.
I honestly think it is Destro. I mean he has his own designs on winning the competition so why not make a deal with the most likely winning team.

Aubrey Sitterson has done a good job of keeping me interested in what amounts to a bunch of video game matches.
He has made it deeper than that.

The Joes and the good guys have thrown matches and built the tournament to their liking.

Candy's fickle nature was a riot.
"So you are a chef?"
I don't know if she is like that in the game but it tickled me.

Looking forward to the next issue.

Also looking forward to Aubrey writing Revolution and the other crossovers coming up.