*****possible spoilers in thread******

So much goodness here.
I was grinning ear to ear as I read the scene with the Baroness, Zartan, and Zarana.
I thought of this like three kids home alone, playing with something they should not be playing with, dad has left for a while and they head straight for that thing. One kid is saying no no you shouldn't touch that! Then dad comes home early and says WHAT HAVE YOU KIDS DONE!
Dawn has absorbed the knowledge of Snake Eyes. The original Snake Eyes. Cool.

Throwdown has had to learn it the hard way from the Arashikage from Trieste. Can we give him a name? that is a lot to type.

Bombstrike turns the tables but for how long?
When are the rest of the Joes going back to Olliestan to clean up this new robot menace?
Not that Bombstrike can't do it alone mind you, but I suspect more troops are behind door number 2.

I know a lot of people are sick of the Brain Wave Scanner but this new accident that draws a line back all the way to issue ten was a nice touch.
I didn't know the BWS could be used in reverse. Did you?