GIJOE Revolution is here.

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    GIJOE Revolution is here.

    With the new crossover starting this month I thought it pertinent to have an all encompassing thread to discuss the events in other non-GIJOE titles.

    Obviously this thread will be chock full of spoilers and appearances.

    This will also help people seek out all the parts of the stories until IDW puts out a crossover list.

    Might not be a bad idea to sticky the discussion either.

    This month we have a four page story involving a shadowy Miles Mayhem, Transformers, the Joe team and even Adventure Team showing up in several books giving a little backstory and explanation of what lies ahead.

    It looks like GIJOE is going to have a major role in the series.

    For those who are seeking a little more insight here is an interview with IDW.

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    Nice find. Cannot wait

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    Looks like we have at least another week to wait, nothing scheduled for the 14th.
    However the Joes have appeared in all the ROM issues so far.


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