*****possible spoilers in thread******

Snake in the Grass part 4.
I am just going to say it.
This is shaping up to be one of the best arcs in the entire run.
Taking a 15 year old girl with the body of a gymnast nay, a ninja, and giving her the Snake Eyes intersect is a great device for a story.
You can go so many different ways with it.
You thought Zartan had identity issues? Imagine if you had two brains in your skull. Two psyches.
I really hope Larry delves deep into how this affects not only Dawn but others around her.
Remember Cobra thinks the real Snake Eyes not Sean, is still out there.
They want to put the lid on this quick, well at least Zartan does before some feelings of ill will towards him surface.

Crowther, Anouk, Roadblock being Roadblock, all good things in this issue.
Humor too.
Bombstrike taking a Cobra Stinger to a chop shop...hilarious.

The Jugglers, Claire and Faoud not being exactly what we were led to believe turned out to be a fairly decent story.

Ellen Bogen, more training for Dawn, which I would love to see backfire to be honest.
Demon Granny's scar. Dang. That was a curiosity inducer. Just what happened that night anyway?

The return of Wade Collins! The old Fred is seeking revenge for his son's supposed death. Getting payback? Did Wade finally accept Sean's death? Last we saw him he wanted to know the truth. I think Hama may have forgotten something again.

Oh and the letters page!
Always read the letters page.
Larry reveals the giant eye was a set up for a Transformers crossover. One that has no current plans.

He also reveals the inspiration for the character of Wild Bill. I guess while we were having a blast at the con he was having dinner with Wild Bill, err Bart.