Codename Ransac Store Inventory Accessory/Card Need List

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    Codename Ransac Store Inventory Accessory/Card Need List

    Heya everyone, I've finally got around to compiling a master list of items I require for my store's inventory. The following list I am looking to trade in bulk towards. I would like to be able to get as many items as possible and eliminate smaller one for one deals. If you have a good chunk of any combination of this stuff, please send me your want/need list and we'll see what we can work out. I have 1,000's of sorted and cleaned accessories along with a wide variety of complete loose merch available. You can checkout my store link here as there may be something currently listed that you may be interested in

    Accessories Needed

    Sgt. Slaughter - Baton x3
    Crimson Guard V.1 - Rifle x5
    Eels V.1 - Breather x5 - Speargun
    Snow Serpent V.1 - Bipod x3
    Mutt - Night Stick x3 - Uzi
    [/B]Dusty - Bipod x7
    Rock & Roll - Bipod x2
    Sneak Peek - Mouthpiece x5
    Tunnel Rat - Flashlight x6
    Outback - Flashlight x2
    Crazylegs - Stock x5
    Cobra Commander V.3 - Mouthpiece x4
    Croc Master - Mouthpiece x5
    Big Boa - Mouthpiece x4 - Punching Bag Base
    Low Light - Bipod x5
    Alpine - Grappling Hook Set x3
    Jinx - Sword x6
    Fast Draw - Blue Mouthpiece x2
    Quick Kick - Nunchucks x2
    Blowtorch - Flame Thrower x3
    Storm Shadow V.1 - Bow x3 - Nunchuck x2
    Mercer V.1 - Pistol
    Barbecue V.1 - Flame Pistol x3
    Lifeline V.1 - Pistol x2
    Storm Shadow V.2 - Claw - Red Sword
    Lightfoot V.1 - Power Belt
    Doc - Stretcher
    Mace - Rocket
    Psyche Out - Wrist Clip x4
    Shipwreck - Handle x2
    Long Range - Pistol
    Mainframe - Remote x2
    Dusty V.3 - Backpack
    Chuckles - Pistol x2
    Scoop - Mic x2
    Taurus - Rifle
    Lady Jaye V.1 - Camera x2 - Speargun x2
    Stalker V.2 - Knife
    Airtight - Mouthpiece x2
    Big Bear - Rocket (w/o connector)
    Sonic Viper - Annihilator-Mold Sub Machine Gun
    TARGAT - Gold Pistol
    Astro Viper - Thruster x4
    Desert Scorpion - Digging Mitt
    Destro V.1 - Laser Pistol x4
    Firefly V.1 - Walkie Talkie x3
    Incinerators - Catapult
    Serpentor - Cape x2
    Toxo Viper V.2 - Purple Pistol x2
    Duke V.3 - Tripod x2 - Knife
    Nemesis Enforcer - Wings - Tentacle Trap x3
    Snow Serpent V.2 - Rocket
    Lampreys V.1 - Machine Gun
    Toxo Viper V.1 - Gun x2
    Voltar - Vulture x2
    Crimson Guard Commander - All three guns - Rocket x2
    Night Vulture - Bow
    Viper V.1 - Rifle x8
    Law V.1 - Night Stick
    Skymate - Boomerang - Visor
    Shipwreck - Pistol x3 - Boarding Hooks x3
    Ninja Force Night Creeper - Small Knife - Ceremonial Sword
    Cesspool - Breather
    Tiger Force Roadblock - Ammo Box - Backpack
    Sonic Fighters Law - Tripod - Pistol
    Python Patrol Trooper - Rifle
    Tiger Force Recondo - Rifle
    Tiger Force Tripwire - Mine
    Python Patrol Viper - Rifle x6
    Updraft - Pistol
    Tiger Force Skystriker - Helmet - Antennae - Visor
    Backblast - Knife x2
    Range Viper - Backpack x2 - Rocket x2
    Toxo Viper V.2 - Pistol x2
    Tiger Force Flint - Shotgun x2
    Track Viper - Pistol
    Blackstar - Rocket
    Tracker - Raft
    Rapid Fire - Machine Gun
    Spirit V.1 - Eagle w/ Feet x3
    Night Force Spearhead - Bobcat - Helmet
    Hydro Viper - Knife x2 - Speargun x2 - Helmet
    Sky Patrol Static Line - Helmet
    Clean Sweep - Plunger
    Sky Patrol Skydive - Pistol x2 - Rifle - Helmet - Backpack
    Cyber Viper - Rocket
    Viper V.4 - Red Pistol
    Ice Cream Soldier - Rocket
    Alley Viper V.3 - Shield - Gun - Mask
    Night Creeper Leader (Gold) - Wrist Bow - Dagger - Wrist Shield
    Battle Corp Backblast - Knife
    Battle Corp Bazooka - Green Sub Machine Gun
    Battle Corp Col. Courage - Knife x2
    Battle Corp Mace - Helmet x2 - Rocket x2
    Battle Corp Leatherneck - Pistol x2
    Battle Corp Muskrat - Knife x2 - Helmet
    Battle Corp Dialtone - Pistol - M60 - Helmet
    Mega Marines Clutch - Machete x2
    Mega Marines Blast Off - Rocket x2

    File Cards Needed
    [U][I]Must be a good cut or uncut, no writing or major damage
    Cold Front
    Windmill x2
    Cobra Commander V.1 x3
    Bat V.1 x2
    Night Creeper V.1 x2
    Shockwave V.1 x2
    NF Shockwave
    Snake Eyes V.3 x4
    Hawk V.1 x2
    Darklon x3
    Deepsix V.2
    NF Crazylegs
    1997 Duke
    Clutch x2
    Snake Eyes V.2 x2
    Hydro Viper x2
    Iron Grenadier x2
    Laser Viper x2
    Any nice cut or uncut subset or mail away cards (python, tiger, night, marauders, sky...etc etc)
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    Well, whatever filecards you'll need, I have a spare Battle Corps Viper and SFII Chun-Li if needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Storehouse View Post
    Well, whatever filecards you'll need, I have a spare Battle Corps Viper and SFII Chun-Li if needed.
    Thanks bud. I should have my card needs listed by tomorrow. I put it off for last as the accessories were sort of a pain to go through. As far as the two you listed, I don't think I need those specifically. Actually, I won't need any cards for the figures that I needed parts for, they all have their cards.

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    PM sent i have 27 items from your want list and 6 filecards
    Crystal ball army, 85 and counting! Accepting donations 

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