G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero (Comics - Marvel / IDW) chronological order


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    G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero (Comics - Marvel / IDW) chronological order

    Has anyone ever put together a chronological order of all the ARAH comics (Marvel and IDW eras), including all the spinoffs like Special Missions and Yearbook stories)? As well as the (apparently canon and written by Hama) Figure Exclusive Comics #21B, #32½, #36½, and #4-12 (and #6-7 may be movie continuity based on cover logo, though could be wrong about that). Just trying to figure out what I can track down in the trades. I know IDW is currently printing the GI Joe Complete Collection which I have first couple volumes of, but know there's some side stuff I need to track down on eBay like those 25th Anniversary Figure Pack comics. Just wanted to double check if all were canon (I presume the Resolute #1-2 are canon with that continuity).

    Anyway, just wondered if there is an existing timeline/chronological order of the Marvel era ARAH (#1-155), Special Missions (#1-28), and Yearbook (#1-4) comics. I know there is already one for the IDW era of 155½ onwards and it's Annual/Cobra War Prelude, so that's easy. I would prefer to read them chronologically if possible once I pick up Vol 3 and onward. It'll take awhile but it'll be an awesome and nostalgic read.

    Any help on that front would be greatly appreciated.

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    The figure pack comics are integrated into IDW's hardcovers.

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    A chronological timeline would be great. I'm due for a re-read of everything.


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