GI Joes in Star Wars black packaging

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    GI Joes in Star Wars black packaging

    New to the forum here. Just signed up to ask about this. I'm not a big toy collector, mostly comics and an occasional action figure or sculpt here and there but today while in Walmart I picked up a couple interesting things. I have a 1997 Scarlett and a 2014 Lady Jaye but they are packaged in the 3 3/4 Star Wars black "Emperors Royal Guard" box. Is this unusual or rare? Has anyone seen it before? BTW I'm in Florida. Any help is appreciated. Hope I'm posting in the right place. Not sure how to post pics but I can email pics to someone if they want to post them. Thanks all

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    Someone most likely bought the Royal Guard figures, swapped them out for the Joes, and returned to the store for a refund. It's a fairly common form of theft.

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    Kinda what I was thinking but thought it strange that they would leave all the accessories and no damage to the boxes. Pros I guess but still kind of an odd choice of figures to swap.


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