Reissues of ARAH vehicles in the 2000s

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    Reissues of ARAH vehicles in the 2000s

    Off the top of your head, which were the most memorable? It seems like there were more than a few.

    As I type this, I'm thinking of the Tomahawk and Skystriker in storage that haven't yet seen the light of day. I think those were the definitive top two. Major nostalgia and want. Maybe in a few years I'll be reunited with all my stuff. (I recently saw the video from the guy who did that hangar deck on his FLAGG, major awesome.)

    I also got the RHINO (from Target) with its cool gimmicks. I also have the Cobra repaint Conquest X-30, thought that was pretty gorgeous. Ah, and a Water Moccasin. The box sizes on those were deceptively small compared to the originals.


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    P.S., the last Joe I bought was Budo, way back in 2013. It's been awhile.

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    The Target exclusive Cobra Rattler and Conquest X-30 were pretty memorable. I got those from the get go. I still haven’t stickered them. I read people had problems with the stickers peeling. The only vehicles I got around to stickering were the Skystriker and the Eagle Hawk. The stickers have help up good on them.

    I absolutely love the VAMP and RAM. The latter tan RAM is really nice.

    Then there are the Cobra Stinger, Ghost Hawk, and Sing Raider, which were all nicely done.

    I, also, like the Cobra Wolf and the Night Raft.

    The HISS reissues were nice. I like the red one a lot, which I paired with a Heetseek Missile system to give me an SMS. While I don’t army build Joe vehicles due to the space they take up, I wish I would have bought more than one of the HISS tanks molded in black even if it were only a couple more. So much Joe product coming out for the 25th Anniversary line kind of made me want to save money so that I could get everything that I wanted. So, that was another reason why I didn’t get into buying duplicate vehicles.

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    Feeling nostalgic! Got into my storage after another long haul away, and found the Tomahawk and that red Heatseek missile system. The 30th reissues were another golden age at least for collectors. Why the heck didn’t I get two Skystrikers, I’m mulling over. Amazingly, the 30ths are now selling for 100 bucks on eBay. 100 bucks! What in the world...

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    Wow! I grabbed a 2nd Skystriker on clearance at ROSS for $15, lol. Funny how time changes value, lol.
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