ARAH #238, the Adventure Team+ other versions of GI Joe appear in Revolutionaries #3

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    ARAH #238, the Adventure Team+ other versions of GI Joe appear in Revolutionaries #3

    A brand new series AW Yeah Revolution starts plus Optimus Prime, MASK and Micronauts entries

    First we have the A Real American Hero #238

    GI Joe A Real American Hero #238

    Dawn Moreno, who has Snake Eyes memories within her, is on the way to Springfield. Zartan, Storm Shadow, Throwdown and Obake Obaasan (Demon Granny) are nearing Springfield. Wade Collins and his family are discovered inside Springfield. And a Joe team with Sneak Peak lands in Darklonia.

    See all of IDW section Revolution related series.

    Revolutionaries #3

    Since 1964 GI Joe has gone through numerous different versions. Revolutionaries #3 has characters representing nearly all of them. Starting with Joe Colton, the original GI Joe and a member of the Adventure team, Stalker and Tomax represent the time period of ARAH, Sgt. Savage appears in a WWII flashback, IRON CLAW representing GI Joe Extreme gets introduced, Baron Ironblood representing the Battle Action Force UK version of GI Joe shows up, Action Man and Dr. X appear and Mayday (Ayana Jones) is the IDW continuity representative which concludes the ensemble of GI Joe history that appears in just this one issue. Even Transformers history and different versions of the characters get thrown into the mix

    Oh and the story is a retelling of the Classic GI Joe storybook and record The Secret of the Mummy's Tomb but with a Transformers cross over spin.

    AW Yeah Revolution #1
    A brand new series mixing all of the Hasbro properties together. Written and drawn by Art Baltazar, this series drawn in a fun cartoon style, that has Baron Karza and his horse attempting to rule the universe, well thinking Snake Eyes is coolest super hero ever. This series is its own adventure not connected to the main Revolution story line.

    The battle between the Junkicons and Transformers on Earth continues. Hi-Tech and Mainframe along with the Earth Defense Force are all apart of the battle.

    MASK #3

    Matt Trakker and Gloria Baker after defeating an assault ship attend a drug cartel presentation given by Miles Mayhem in order to sell his new MASK helmets. After a fight between Trakker and Mayhem, Matt's mother arrives.
    No GI Joe Crossover.

    MASK #4

    Matt Trakker and Gloria Baker square off against Miles Mayhem and Vanessa Warfield. Julio Lopez and Brad Turner fight against Bruno Sheppard and Sly Rax. The MASK helmets are the key battle weapons. Each loses and wins and at the end they are at a standoff. Extensive Enterprises makes an investment in Mayhem's world domination plans.
    No GI Joe Crossover.

    Micronauts Annual

    The Micronaut team fights its doppelganger selves from the future. Snake Eyes, Scarlett, ROM and the Transformers make an appearance.

    Revolution takes place in the "IDW Continuity", which is the continuity that was started by IDW in 2009 (not the ARAH comics Larry Hama currently writes). Also for all of the Transformers series, the "IDW Transformers Generation 1" continuity, which began in 2005, is now directly connected to GI Joe through the Revolution crossover. GI Joe characters are appearing directly in many of these crossover titles.
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