ARAH #241, GI Joe #7 & First Strike #0 Summaries

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    ARAH #241, GI Joe #7 & First Strike #0 Summaries

    Preview First Strike #0 is given away free at comic book stores as a preview.

    First we have the A Real American Hero #241

    GI Joe A Real American Hero #241

    Dawn Moreno, with Snake Eyes memories in her, and friends fight their way out of a Cobra Community Center. Zarana and the Dreadnoks on the Thunder Machine come to their rescue. Sneak Peek is bleeding to death.

    First Strike #0
    This free preview issue tells an original story and contains the a few pages of the first issue.

    The issues original story has an alive Joseph Colton talking with Dr. Kreiger about the Earth's future in the universe as they have been annexed by the Transformers. Miles Mayhem of MASK & VENOM is torturing Transformer Blitzwing with the power of the Talisman.

    GI Joe #6

    GI Joe #7

    The GI Joe team is fighting the Fatal Fluffies underground with the help of Transformer Skywarp and Rock 'n' Roll. Duke arrives to take prisoners The Baroness and Crystal Ball from her. Snake Eyes wants to prevent from leaving but Quick Kick steps in to confront Snake Eyes.

    Revolution takes place in the "IDW Continuity", which is the continuity that was started by IDW in 2009 (not the ARAH comics Larry Hama currently writes). Also for all of the Transformers series, the "IDW Transformers Generation 1" continuity, which began in 2005, is now directly connected to GI Joe through the Revolution crossover. GI Joe characters are appearing directly in many of these crossover titles.
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