MOC Figure Pricing - All About Year - Not Character?

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    Question MOC Figure Pricing - All About Year - Not Character?

    I may be getting the chance to pick up one of my favorite MOC figures from when I was a kid tomorrow. Either Sci-Fi, Blowtorch or Dial Tone.

    Now, we all love the big guns like Storm Shadow, Destro, etc.. and I get why those AAA characters are super expensive because of the character popularity.

    However, outside of the obvious fan favorites, I'm surprised that some guys w/ average popularity jump in price and seemingly only because they are 2 years older.

    In my example, Blowtorch. I was surprised that he's significant more expensive than either Sci-Fi or Dial Tone.

    Do those 2 years really make all the difference, or am I missing something?

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    I think it's only a question of number. There are less Blowtorch or Storm Shadow or Destro moc than Sci Fi or Dial Tone.

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    what does MOC mean

    What does MOC mean??

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    MOC = Mint on card.

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    There were increasing amounts of figures produced each year until at least Series 6, so there were more of Sci-Fi made than Blowtorch. But because GI Joe was also more popular, there were more people buying and saving the figures as the 80s went on. Condition matters much more than the character.


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