I Made a Mistake - How Much Did I Overpay?


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    Question I Made a Mistake - How Much Did I Overpay?

    I mainly collect loose, and I don't see similar auctions, so I'm unsure how much I overpaid for this. Do any MOC collectors have an opinion?

    I was on a trip this weekend and visited a retro toy store. A store I'm not about to visit again due to distance, and to be honest there's no way for me to prove the damage was there beforehand.

    It's a MOC Sci-Fi and the card is near mint. It's awesome. No stickers, nothing. The figure and accessory bubble are clear and the figure bubble is attached firmly.

    The accessory bubble, the one w/ the backpack and hose, is what I missed. The store even offered to let me inspect it out of the case, but I felt I could see just fine without handling it.

    Only now when I photographed it, did I see something odd. The accessory bubble is split clear through on the right side, the top AND half way down the left side.

    It was a crazy stroke of bad luck that I didn't catch that in the store. At most angles it looks perfect.

    Anyway, I admit I made the mistake and am just curious how much I overpaid for it.

    I paid a flat $90


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    thats kind of a rough one, i have 2 figures of deejay and both the bubbles are cracked or crumbling and no matter how i look at the figure i cant tell what its worth because the only thing i can think of maybe perhaps doing with it is having it broke down into a afa loose figure to add any value to it. i would think that people who collect a certain way would still want it, the people who open things for a mint figure, people who open to afa a loose product, and people who care only about the figure and not the card. as for people who do care about the sealed card they are going to be alot less interested in it unless they can get a deal on it just to maybe help finish their collection for that year. 90$ isnt to bad to pay, once you go over the 100$ mark and something goes wrong thats when you really feel a gut punch lol. im just throwing a number off the top of my head from browsing ebay alot but maybe worth around 50 bucks? overall its still a old figure. a afa loose i see going for 130$ and a afa carded i see for 1500$, and a regular loose only 6$ or a loose w all pieces and card for 30$. your talking about the 1986 scifi and not the 91 right? so i guess the value would depend on how the buyer collects.im still guessing maybe 50$. its a item i would love to have in my collection for a good deal but nothing i personally would want to pay alot for if damaged. but im strict i like my stuff perfect lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by melodicmizery2 View Post
    thats kind of a rough one...

    Thanks for the reply!

    I see the $130 AFA loose on eBay and the carded, but they are unsold. I do see an AFA 85 carded did sell for about $125. Yeah, I'd expect what I have to be around the $50 range. I agree that it would depend on the collector as to whether it would sell, but I think a still attached, good, clean carded sample is definitely not a normal thing to run across, so if selling, the particular buyer would expect (and should get) a deal. I'm happy with that value but again, it all comes down to if anyone wants it someday.

    Personally, I love the figure. For me, I want good examples but part of why I collect is for the art/history of it. So having an example of what you'd find in the toy store in '86 is important, even if it's cracked. The visuals of the cardback and figure I love. Very 80's, neon, etc.. So I'm not about to sell it anytime soon.

    What I would do in the future if forced to sell?....I doubt I'd go AFA. The carded grade would be horrible, and that'd tack on even more cost to me. The loose option...well, without a sales history or demand, I'm unsure what it'd go for. Plus, I have a deep-seeded hatred for AFA loose and how it gives no collector value and hurts the hobby....but that's another discussion. LOL


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