The Revolutionaries Series ties into GI Joe histories with #5 & #6

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    The Revolutionaries Series ties into GI Joe histories with #5 & #6

    GI Joe in MASK #8 and Micronauts Wrath of Karza #3 + ROM vs Transformers #1

    See all of IDW section Revolution related series.

    Revolutionaries #5

    Tomax wears the traditional Cobra Commander uniform. The history of the Tailsman is told with its connection to the old Adventure Team, Sgt. Savage and the Transformers. Mayday and Action Man help capture Tomax and much more happens.

    Revolutionaries #6

    The history of Mike Power (Atomic Man) is shown. The Revolutionaries lead by Mayday attack General Blitz which leads to the reveal of Project: Iceman. The not so normal Transformers show up to cause trouble. And a lot of connections to GI Joe history.

    MASK #8

    The MASK team fights a purple version of a Fatal Fluffy that comes out of Mount St. Helens. They fall into a crack and are captured by Shawn Berger, who is a Dire Wraith. Berger is very interested in Brad Turner, who is actually Zartan in disguise and a shape shiftier clone of human origin, in order to complete his plan to rule Earth.

    Micronauts Wrath of Karza #3

    Baron Karza talks to a rogue’s gallery of bad guys including Destro, Tomax and Miles Mayhem about taking control of Earth and this group being his barons that will help rule Earth. Acroyear is being tortured by Membros with Oz and his fellow team members rushing to save him. They discover some important prisoners.

    Micronauts Wrath of Karza #2
    Baron Karza instructs, from his control room which shows pictures of the GI Joe team, Transformers, MASK and ROM, that the Heliopolis with Oz and his crew be captured. The Heliopolis is shot down Acroyear, Biotron, Oz and Phenolo-Phi appear to be the only survivors.

    ROM #11

    No GI Joe references or appearances.
    ROM continues to try and prove to his fellow Solstar Knights that Earth and humans are worth saving. Darby Mason attacks a Dire Wraith stronghold to steal a weapon. Camilla Byers continues to discover her hybrid Wraith powers. Plus, a story of the Solstar Knights not on Earth.

    ROM vs Transformers #1

    No GI Joe references or appearances.
    In this brand new series, which takes place 200 years in the past and not on Earth, the Solstar Knights adopt a Transformer named Stardrive and raise her as a Solstar Knight. Starscream arrives and conflict follows.

    Here are the direct links to the other summaries connected to Revolution Transformers series:

    Transformers Lost Light #8

    No GI Joe references

    Revolution takes place in the "IDW Continuity", which is the continuity that was started by IDW in 2009 (not the ARAH comics Larry Hama currently writes). Also for all of the Transformers series, the "IDW Transformers Generation 1" continuity, which began in 2005, is now directly connected to GI Joe through the Revolution crossover. GI Joe characters will be appearing directly in many of these crossover titles.
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