YoJoe! Exclusive - Canceled 50th Anniversary Rock 'N Roll


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    YoJoe! Exclusive - Canceled 50th Anniversary Rock 'N Roll

    From the collection of an anonymous source

    YoJoe! Exclusive - Canceled 50th Anniversary Rock 'N Roll

    What could have been and what might still be, is the question surrounding this canceled Rock 'N Roll, scheduled for a 2016 Toys "R" Us exclusive release. Information confirmed by the figure's owner, and an anonymous source with first-hand production knowledge, state that this figure, originally revealed in the 2012 "Concept Case" presented by Hasbro, would have come with a vehicle called the VAMP MK-II but rumor is that the it was to be a repaint of the 2012 Ninja Attack Cruiser / 2014 Rescue Ops 4x4.

    With the G.I. Joe brand on hiatus until the next film from Paramount, no one knows the fate of this highly demanded figure.

    And with everything said, please enjoy our exclusive look at the canceled 2016 Toys "R" Us exclusive Rock 'N Roll.

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    With the parts Marauder has on hand one could do up a credible equivalent

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    You're killing me man! I hope the Club one looks like this.

    It does make me said for a different reason. This feels like something good old Gary "Gyre-Viper" would have shared with us. Can I get a 3 pack with this Rock N Roll and the 2 Firefly JP repaints? lol, aww
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    Don't You Go Injecting Reality Into My Fantasy

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    That is one sweet Rock & Roll! I am stoked to get him as the exclusive figure through FSS!! I hear he'll be in v.2 colors, which is not bad. I loved that R&R as much as the first one (who was my first Joe back in '83-84), so I'm not too disappointed.

    I have the 25th Anniversary with the Marauder bullets draped over his shoulder with a M240, and he looks b.a.

    Since this figure will more than likely make it into our hands down the line, I am stoked beyond words.

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    I believe the club said theirs will be in different colors

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    Different colors then this pic or than 1989's v2 tan with green camo pants?
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    Different from the paint scheme in the pic

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    That is what I heard, also, yes.

    I was told that he will be in v2 colors. So tan hat and shirt with green camo pants.

    I prefer this one, but I'm not complaining


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