What star wars toy makes a good gijoe toy?


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    What star wars toy makes a good gijoe toy?

    Personally, I like putting atat drivers in mail order hiss tanks.

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    I would say the X-wing fighter,the A-wing fighter, the E-wing fighter, the T-47 air speeder along with the Y-wing fighter.

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    I've have an Imperial Navy Commander that I got to reuse the head, but could easily be a Shadow CG if I give him a different helmet.
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    I aalways liked the republic gunship for Joes too.
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    Let's see....I have used Darth Vader's medical bed, the Cantina bar set, Imperial officers, Jabba's dancing girls, Rancor, Naboo cruiser, the droid foundry sets for BATs...just to name a few.
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