Hello, first post here but been using the site for a while now. Using it as mostly reference material.

I'm wondering if there would be interest in the comics I have. Here's the deal:

I have a bunch of doubles of a lot of different issues. Most are marvel but a lot from the others as well. The completest in me needs every issue of all the series. After that, I'll want all different cover variants but I know that this will be an incredible long process.

If I put them all out there as one large lot, would there be interest from folks here to hope fully trade to help me complete the collections? If so, any idea the best way to do this? Would a book for a book be feasible? I'm not looking to rip anyone off with one issue worth 10 bucks for another issue worth 2 dollars but I'm also not looking to be ripped off either.

Would it be best to trade in lots, single issues, by series, by company or any other way? I really want to complete my collections.
What other online places are good to do something like this?
Also, is it possible to post lots in the marketplace? Can I ask for trades there as well? I'm going to compile what ones I want to get rid of later today. Should I take pictures of them individually or as lots or how?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm not trying to over load anyone.

Thanks in advance for any and all help, suggestions, ideas, constructive criticism and snide remarks.