IDW writer controversy?

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    IDW writer controversy?

    Posted by YoJoe's fb account today:

    So what's the deal with this guy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cageyJG View Post
    Posted by YoJoe's fb account today:

    So what's the deal with this guy?
    This is where I got my information about it:

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    Thanks, Sean. The HT thread was quite informative.

    Just saw something new minutes ago.

    Sounds like the dude was trying to change Joe into the modern Archie. All you do is raise some muck, and call everyone around you, "___-ist," and criticize people for something you're guilty of. The Gordian Knot of our times. I swear, this SJW crap...

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    Semi-Necro. I'll summarize as best I can. This controversy has persuaded me to snoop around and reach out.

    The writer in question is notoriously inflammatory. He thrives on controversy. It's relative to his former (brief) occupation in fake wrestling. He riles people up and that's how he makes a name for himself.

    As I understand he's been booted from quite a few forums and online groups, but I can't find 'hard evidence' to support this.

    Instead of clarifying his intent in his actions, he instead 'doubles down' and makes it worse. Fans don't like it. Not hard to see why.

    Guy complains that people are judging his work because of his politics. Guy's work is a direct reflection of his politics, though. Not sure if willfully ignorant or just hoping his supporters are.

    The writer in question has completely hijacked GI Joe in his own way, making it anything but GI Joe. It reads a bit like what you would get if you handed a kid that knew nothing about GI Joe a bunch of random action figures and no accessories or real background information. It's his own personal play-fiction. He's entitled to that, I suppose... but he's not winning fans, he's losing them.


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