Hey hey !

From now until December 5th, my review show, Half the Battle, is running a charity drive. Video for it is here :

Here's the gist of it :
- Donate money to a charity of your choice, the only rule is it has to be one that benefits children.
- Send proof of the donation to [email protected] (screenshot or photo of your receipt, feel free to edit out personal information)
- On December 6th, the name of all those who donated will go into a hat, winner will recieve a 1990 european exclusive loose Tiger Force Psyche-Out (no accesories), though other prizes will be added soon.

DO NOT try to send me money directly, send it to your charity of choice. DO NOT post proof of your donation here, only to the email adress.

Give big ! Give small ! If you are not in a position to donate, consider spreading the word of this drive instead.

Thanks for reading !