does anyone have more info on these cases at

a while back i bought a bunch of cases and they all ended up being half inch to short and none of my joes fit so i lost like 70 bucks or so and ende dup putting smaller items in the cases to get use out of them and dont wanna waste my money again. i would just buy 1 of each to test them, but with shipping its better if i just get it right the first time

it says starcase4 is for figures that extend bubble down to the edge, but looking at the video and picture its hard to tell what they even mean. i need around 20 cases and i dunno if i should wing it and buy 10 of each and see what fits or what

im wondering if everything that fits in a starcase2, will automatically fit in a starcase 4, but not vice versa. if that is true then buying all starcase4 might be my best bet to be on the safe side

i really dunno what to do though