Are there any joes that hasbro is making that you are not satisfied with ?

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    Are there any joes that hasbro is making that you are not satisfied with ?

    For me buzzer and worms.

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    I think that Falcon never really got a decent 25th Sculpt version of his original figure.

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    Wild Weasel doesn't get enough attention in my opinion.
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    I think Hasbro should be ashamed of themselves on their quality control and cheep feeling plastic on the last 2 waves that were offered at TRU. The paint applications were terrible. Especially when you compare them to Maruader John’s offerings. I Hope on day they offer pursuit of cobra quality offerings when they finally renew/revise the line.

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    Right now I'm kind of dissatisfied with everything Hasbro is putting out on the shelves for Joes not just Snake Eyes Version 426, Duke Version 350, and Destro Version 300. But then it's hard to be satisfied with what's on the shelves when there isn't anything on the shelves.


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