The Toys That Made Us on Netflix

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    The Toys That Made Us on Netflix

    Just thought I'd share this cool show on Netflix called "The Toys That Made us". Episode 4 is about G.I. Joe. Very interesting on how G.I. Joe got made. Episode 1 is Star Wars but haven't watched it yet.

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    They were both good and I enjoyed them. Highly recommend you watch them.

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    I watched the first 2 episodes, about Barbie and star wars, which were great. Haven't watched the last 2, about Joe and Masters of the Universe.
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    i really liked this series as well. mark hamil has a similar series (more about collecting various pop culture stuff than just toys) called mark hamil's pop culture quest. it's on the roku channel for free, but i think it's also free on youtube. it's definately worth watching as well if you liked the toys that made us.
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    I find it funny how starwars figures were molded over fisher price figures. I made a gijoe torpedo over a CHiPs figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msv View Post
    I find it funny how starwars figures were molded over fisher price figures. I made a gijoe torpedo over a CHiPs figure.
    As they point out in the GI Joe episode, the prototype ARAH Joes were actually made out of Mego CHiPs figures.


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