The official G.I. Joe Collector's club brochure detailing all the events and products for the 2018 convention is now available online.

The 3.75 set is Python Peril Marauders to the Rescue
The COBRA PYTHON PATROL is an elite unit of troopers
that have been handpicked for their various tactical specialties.They are expertly trained and equipped for stealth and in ltrationmissions. They wear unique camou age grid uniforms to masktheir presence, which confuses radar detection systems and allowsthem to accomplish sinister operations around the globe.

Using the latest radar absorbing materials and stealth technology,PYTHON PATROL 2.0 rears its ugly head with a surgical
strike against their sworn enemy. Led by the nefarious MAJORBLUDD, they have successfully captured a “Real American Hero”and key member of the G.I. JOE team.

The SLAUGHTER’S MARAUDERS unit is called into actionto mount a dire rescue mission of their original commander.
A fellow Marine Drill Instructor, SGT. SMASHER takes thesquad leader position and selects highly specialized soldiers fora fast attack, ground assault into enemy territory to combat thesedevious COBRA forces.

PYTHON PATROL 2.0 is a dangerous unit, but it will take morethan their special uniforms and slithering nastiness to get the bestof the entire SLAUGHTER’S MARAUDERS team!

The 12 inch set is theGreen Beret Machine Gun Outpost

This year, it’s back to the military for G.I. Joe. One of thefavorite 12” gures of all time was the Green Beret. So, whatcould be better than two Green Berets in an updated “1960’sSears Exclusive” box adorned with art from Larry Selman? This year’s 12” Convention Set is a recreation of the “SearsExclusive” Green Beret Machine Gun Outpost Set. It comes
with: 2 Painted Head Figures and each gure has a Camo Shirtand Pants; Green Beret; Tall Brown Boots; Dog Tag; Belt with
2 Cartridges. In addition, the set comes with: 12 Grenades;Bazooka; 6 Bazooka Shells; Field Telephone; .30 Caliber MachineGun and Tripod; M-16 Ri e; Ammo Box; Camou age Netting;Plastic Foliage; Tent Poles; Tent Stakes; and 10 Sand Bags. All ofthese items are in a box adorned with an updated painting of theGreen Beret Outpost, painted by Larry Selman. Watch on-line for product reveals.*†

Check out the official brochure for more information on tours, contests, special guests, and events.