Unofficial HasLabs survey monkey Round Two

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    Unofficial HasLabs survey monkey Round Two

    The votes are in and now it is time for round two.

    If you ranked your faves in the first round be sure to keep them on top in the second, if they made it that is, and if they didn't? maybe something else has caught your eye as a potential iconic product from HasLabs.
    Remember these are just suggestions culled from other fans.
    There are infinite...well there are many more possibilities that could be done through HasLab for G.I.JOE
    First, we have to show there is enough of a demand.
    So put the GIJOE theme on youtube, open up a window and take the survey.

    Then go outside and wax the Snow Cat. I would say VAMP but there is mostly snow everywhere this time of year.

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    One day of ranking left... make your voice heard. It is a two minute survey. Length of the GIJOE theme song.

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    Here are the final results:

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    I would settle for a 83 HQ /motorpool/pit diorama type of playset.
    Gi joe helped me to learn to swim! And knowing was half the battle!
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    Skystriker's Wants list
    Skystriker's Body Parts wants /trade
    Here's some pics of my stuff[email protected]/


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