There always seems to be an influx of new collectors showing up in discussion groups, so if anyone hasn’t seen these videos before here’s your chance. For anyone who has seen them already, I have improved their quality.

Long story short, I filmed the Mark Bellomo series nearly a decade ago, and uploaded them 2009. The Airedevon series was uploaded in 2011. Originally I filmed them in 720p resolution, due to video file size vs. my portable storage volume options at the time (as I had traveled to film these). I have since improved the videos to 1080p resolution by artificially increasing the 720p resolution into a 1080p video. This allowed me to also update and redo the opening logos used. They can all now be watched on YouTube in 1080p. The old 720p videos have all been deleted from YouTube, so any old links or bookmarks you may have had are now gone. Unfortunately YouTube doesn't allow to swap out previous videos and keep all their stats, so all comments and view counts are now wiped out. I did record the previous view count for each video in the description of its new replacement.

With Mark’s “The Ultimate Guide to G.I.JOE” 3rd edition coming out this year, his series offer a look into the process that went into photographing the toys for the book.

Airedevon had one of the largest G.I.JOE collections ever amassed. Unfortunately, that collection has since been sold off so her series offer a look at the collection that once was. There's also a NEW bonus video of her displaying her dog training.

Links below...