Ideas for hanging the 1983 skystriker

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    Question Ideas for hanging the 1983 skystriker

    What’s the best way to hang the skystriker
    Any sudgestions

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    10lb or greater fishing wire, I own my home so I used the heavy duty screws that have the backing spring to spread out . its about a quarter inch hole to make in your ceiling, so you have to be committed. I decided to use two of those screws & get a 6FT X 1.5 in base board so I could put as many hooks into that as I wanted without having a lot of large holes in my "joe room" ceiling . I can send you a picture on facebook just send me a friend request. Damon Feerer. its just to phucking difficult for me to send pics on this site. I only get on here to check sticker placement & now I cant even do that !! good luck in any event

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    I used plant hanger screw hooks and a heavy fishing line. Two hooks and lines for the larger aircraft.

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    ohio- right next to the air force museum- which totally rules.

    i used the heavy fishing wire too. but these are super cool as you can put your vehicles wherever you want. i have the stand and it looks great, he also sells them for other toy lines like star wars and they look great. below are some photos, in case you don't want to click on the link. the flag set up isn't mine (yet- i'm working on that) it belongs to michael mercy and can be seen in his youtube review. i just screen captured it because he uses the stands.

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