1991 ozone issue


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    1991 ozone issue

    I am trying to solve a mystery. a friend has a 1991 ozone figure. Its stamped with the year on the leg. The problem is that the colors are not of the 1991 figure, they are of the 1993 figure. when I looked in the yojoe database for pictures or on ebay for 1991 ozone its the neon colored figure but this 1991 ozone is the blue and silver version from 1993?? how is that possible? my friend has had this figure since he was younger. he found it at a pawn shop. the head is not correct as it has sgt slaughter 1988 head but the rest is correct by comparing the picture from 1993 to the rest of the figure. I'd like to solve this mystery if we can.

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    They didn't update the date stamp when he came out in 1993, that's all.


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