Does the language on the packaging matter?

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    Does the language on the packaging matter?


    I found this forum after googling a bit.

    Turns out I might have a few GI Joe toys that are worth something.
    My mother found them after moving to a new place... Turns out she had a small stash of toys she bought in advance to go to me on occasions like birthday, new year, etc...
    So they are in great condition, still as new in the packaging and no damage to the packaging either (aka MOMC, if I'm not mistaken?).

    Anyway, my question is the following: Does it matter if the language used on the packaging isn't English? (its Dutch & French)
    Or is it more about the toys and the condition everything is in?

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    The language does matter, to an extent. European releases were sometimes separate production runs from their domestic release, so small variations may exist between them. Additionally, international cards may not fit in with a potential buyer's collection, so they may be less willing to purchase it.

    That said, they're still mint condition figures and a good example of how GI Joe was released throughout the world. There are buyers for that, too!

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    Thank you for the reply!

    Do you happen to know any reliable source/site with an up-to-date value/price listing?
    I already found the one on this site ( via google but I've seen mentioned several times that it's not up to date anymore.

    I'm especially interested in 1985 version of snake eyes (momc) (From what I've seen it looks like Im verry lucky with that one )
    and the 1985 version of a crimson guard (momc).

    I've checked ebay but prices seem to be quite inconsistent there even for figures that seem to have the same quality description.

    I also have a 1986 version of zandar (momc) but that one doesn't seem to be worth as much.

    I also have a boxed and never used (But box is opened, not sure in what quality rating that falls) Transportable Tactical Battle Platform which seems not to be worth as much as I thought after first having checked the snake eyes one, haha.

    And i have also quite a few unboxed figures and their accessoires + cards but those are quite used as I used to play a lot with them when I was a kid and Im pretty sure theres not much of any noteworthy value in there, except sentimental and their gi-joe coolness factor (still so cool looking toys after all those years!).
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    Honestly, checking the sold listings on ebay is your best bet. Just keep in mind condition is everything.

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    Thumbs up

    Ok, and thank you again for answering


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