Hello all,
The second installment in the Armed and Dangerous series, "Enter the Headhunters" is available on KindleWorlds now! What? You've never heard of Armed and Dangerous? Then you might need to catch up with the first book in the series as well.

Quick synopsis: "Armed and Dangerous" is an origin story set in Kenya that involves a new Joe recruit and his journey to becoming a full-fledged member of the GIJoe team. It features cameos by some of Cobra's most eccentric operatives. Cough Croc Master, cough Raptor, cough Crystal Ball to name a few. Get inside the minds of some of these lesser characters while enjoying some other well-known characters as well.

Book 2, "Enter the Headhunters" picks up roughly a year later and documents the formation of the DEF and the rise of the Headhunters. Armed and Dangerous return for further adventures and I dive into some more obscure Joe and Cobra characters. Read about the rise of the Headman, the early years of Vincent D'Alleva (Cesspool), and the earlier days of both the Dreadnoks and Cobra. Another fun read, but with a more serious tone as it addresses the opioid epidemic and the role of GIJoe in suppressing it.

Follow the links below to look inside and sample the available chapters.

thank you.