Hello all,I am a 1982-1998 Joe figure collector, but like many, I am on a budget. Many of the 1982-1989 figures I have were purchased without accessories, as it was far more affordable for me to go that route. For some figures, I replaced the missing accessories by using "correct" weapons from the Battle Gear packs, though they are the wrong color, much like I did when I was a kid. So, these figures are complete in the sense they have their weapons and backpacks, and these ARE "official" Hasbro accessories. In other cases, I have 1990-1998 figures that I also purchased without accessories, so I replaced them, also using Battle Gear accessories. In those cases, they are mismatched, but I did try to match up weapons the best I could (EG: using a battlegear weapon that is as close to the original as possible, or helmets and backpacks that match the body color as close as possible.I would like to get some thoughts and opinions from other collectors:1. When a figure has a "correct" battle gear accessory (just wrong color), does it either increase value compared to an incomplete figure, or significantly devalue a figure compared to a complete version with the actual accessories (EG 1983 Gung Ho equipped with the gray battle gear grenade launcher, as apposed to the original black one)?2. Do battle gear accessories add any value to figures, when they are the wrong accessory (EG adding a brown battle gear version of Airborne's backpack to Ambush V1)?3. What are your collecting habits? Are you OK with using Battle Gear accessories to complete a figure, or do you prefer to hold out for the original? Or do you keep your incomplete figures incomplete?